Santhosh, Laith, Raymond and Lui

Katara Studios recently extended heartfelt appreciation and gratitude for the phenomenal audio-visual support Techno Q provided during the recent Movie Making activity at the A07 Building.

Santhosh, your technical prowess, and unwavering dedication to ensuring top-notch audio-visual setup were truly remarkable. The seamless execution of the event owes much to your expertise and hard work.

Laith, Katara Studios were genuinely impressed by your professionalism and responsiveness in handling last-minute requests and adjustments. Your ability to tackle challenges with ease greatly contributed to the overall success of the event.

Throughout the movie-making activity, Raymond and Lui showcased incredible availability and support, leaving no room for glitches. Together, the Techno Q support team’s commitment to excellence made a significant impact on the event’s flawless execution.

Katara Studios firmly believe that the success of this event would not have been achievable without the unwavering dedication, expertise, and hard work exhibited by Techno Q support.

A resounding “Well Done!” to the support team! Your efforts have left a lasting impression on Katara Studios and the participants in the Movie Making activity.

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