Techno Q monitors and adapts the latest technology trends in the hospitality industry. We provide value-added solutions like PMS systems, oracle hospitality management, and POS devices for organizations that conduct their businesses in hotels, resorts, leisure and spa, catering, restaurants, kiosks, retail, and more.

Hospitality Management and PMS Systems

Hotels solutions has evolved as hospitality industry developed. While the need for hotel property management system (PMS) was to improve the efficiency of the front office operations such as managing rates, booking reservations, room assignment, guest check-in/check- out, and billing; the industry trends has developed as the technology offers more integrations to hotels PMS. Techno Q offers hotels with solution varieties and integrations to hotel PMS within the property and beyond the property boundaries up to the palm of their customers allowing hotels to excel in the guest experience.

Some of our solutions:
– Oracle Hospitality Opera Cloud Service.
– Oracle hospitality Hotel Mobile.
– Oracle Hospitality Distribution Cloud Service.
– FCS Unicorn telephone management.
– FCS Phoenix Voice mail.
– FCS eConnect/mConnect collaboration solutions.
– FCS mHousekeeping

Food & Beverage Hospitality Solutions

Techno Q is committed to deliver integrated food & beverage solutions that enables operations to streamline managerial tasks and improves efficiency through speed of service while serving unique business requirements, providing insights to sales and cost; with reporting & analytics powered by business intelligence; and elevating guest experience.
Techno Q offers centralized POS system fully integrated with hospitality CRM that provides operations with omni marketing tools, gift and loyalty programs, portal & mobile ordering, call center and delivery management. Techno Q offering of cloud solutions provides flexibility for businesses, while reducing IT complexity and cost allowing staff to provide class service with mobility options to customers, that fits food and beverage operations from single restaurants to vast operations eliminating geographic constraints.

Some of our solutions are
– Oracle Hospitality Simphony Cloud Service.
– Oracle Hospitality Inventory Management Cloud Service.
– Appsuite Hospitality CRM Cloud.
– Appsuite Mobile Ordering.
– Appsuite Delivery Support.
– Appsuite Gift, Loyalty and omni marketing.

POS Systems

Techno Q offers POS hardware that fits the hospitality and retail industry. Our portfolio of POS hardware and peripherals from leading vendors are user-friendly, easy to use, energy-efficient, and serves industry durability requirements.
Technology trends are considered in our portfolio, we ensured to provide a variety of optional technologies that fits business requirements of Magnetic Strip Readers (MSR), RFID, NFC, iButton , and barcode scanners.

The portfolio of POS hardware includes
– POS workstations.
– Tablets and mobility devices.
– Receipt thermal and impact printers.
– Kitchen management devices of touch screens and bump bars.

Business Solutions

Growing organizations, multi-site subsidiaries in need of Financial Management Solution (FMS) to get a real-time view of all the moving parts that make a business tick and turn financial information into profitable action.
Techno Q offers Infor Solutions of integrated financial management, purchasing, inventory, and sales management solutions that combines technological innovation and usability with a depth of functionality achieved.

These solutions provide business with
– Real-time reporting.
– Intelligent transactions.
– In-context business intelligence.
– Enterprise Data Management.
– Unified ledgers.
– Localized reporting.
– Complex allocations.
– IFRS and GAAP reporting.
– Multi-site subsidiaries.

Restaurant Online Reservation System In Qatar

A comprehensive and fully integrated restaurant reservation and guest management platform that integrates with key systems to drive operational efficiency, better guest service, and increase of revenues resulting from improved operations and delighted guests.

As a modern restaurant, you can derive a value far greater than your original investment from features the system has to offer you.

  • Telephone integration: Guest profile appears on a device once a guest calls, allowing staff to personalize the call and manage reservation swiftly
  • Point of sale integration: Automatically capture the guest’s ordered menu items, unit price, and average and total spending
  • Reports & dashboard: Power your staff with data that details operational and guest stats on a venue and hotel level
  • Payment integration: Secure tables by guaranteeing payments in advance via an operationally seamless reservation process
  • Maximize revenue per seat: Enable the waiter to up-sell on the table and personalize the dining experience based on the guest’s previous orders & preferences
  • Menu management: Create and manage menu, categories, and labels to allow diners to view the menu in advance of the reservation
  • Guest ordering: Once the reservation is sent, the guest can view the menu which is embedded as a link in the reservation notification once the guest arrives, they can share the menu link with their party to order through an intuitive, flexible, and convenient interface after selecting items from the menu, guests may view the selected items, then place an order
  • Order management: Orders are directly pushed to the reservation system and POS, eliminating the need for staff members to attend to each table. In addition, the staff have full visibility on the meal status and can maintain complete control of the ordering process
  • Guest payment: Guests can pay in various methods enabling a flexible payment process
  • Popular booking channels:
    Increase reservations via a custom widget that integrates with popular channels – and is free of charge
  • Automated Smart Marketing module: Target guests via automated and trackable campaigns (SMS and Email) to increase guest visits

Benefits of our online Restaurant Reservations

  • Helps you to be proactive as you have a prior understanding of the restaurant occupancy. Help plan and manage tables and guests if there is a positive footfall on any day.
  • Manage “wait periods” for customers as prior booking will help you manage time and guests efficiently. Waiting Time Is Under Control resulting in a pleasant dining experience.
  • Chef can manage the quantity of food prepared as he will have a better understanding of the orders.
  • Customers are allowed to book a table anytime. You do not have to deal with double-booking or cancellation issues.
  • The application is user-friendly and manageable for all positions in the restaurant.

Spa Management Solution in Qatar

Digitize, Organise and Grow your Wellness Business in Qatar with an “all in one business management solution” with the extensive features and branding capabilities we have to offer.

  • Booking
    We make it easy for your customers to book online with fully integrated online booking features consolidating the spa, call center, group activities & classes
  • Marketing
    Keep your customers engaged and loyal with our feature-rich marketing options, memberships, loyalty, surveys, cross-sell & upsell, gift cards, referral program, and online reviews.
  • Payments
    Fully integrated Point-of-sale and cash management. PCI Compliant, securely processes credit cards, room charges, house accounts, and membership billing.
  • Inventory
    Keep tabs on your product inventory in real-time. Manage vendors, orders, physical counts, and inter-company transfers. Our application also provides alerts on stocks and if a new purchase of replacement is required.
  • Integrations
    Best of breed integrations with leading hospitality solutions, Opera, Micros, Galaxy. Global, high availability hosting and Single Sign-on support