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Asian Football Confederation

Overlay CCTV Solution - 2023

The Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Cup 2023 showcased football’s unifying power, with the event held in Qatar. Ensuring the safety of over 1.5 million fans and the security of nine state-of-the-art stadiums was a paramount concern. This case study reveals how Techno Q, under the guidance of Senior Project Manager Mohanad Is-hak, succeeded in implementing an extensive Dahua CCTV system to fortify the event’s security, overcoming substantial logistical and engineering challenges in a record timeframe.

  Sector: Sports

 Location: Qatar

 Solution: Advanced CCTV and AFR system installation

 Challenge: Implement a high-quality surveillance system across multiple stadiums within a tight deadline and to full MOI and SSOC satisfaction.

The AFC Cup 2023 required an extraordinary level of security management. To achieve this, Techno Q was tasked with installing and commissioning:

 Over 3000 CCTV cameras

 1500 Automatic Facial Recognition (AFR) cameras

The project had to be completed precisely between December 2023 and January 2024.

 Shift Teams Implemented: Staff worked in shifts to ensure maximum efficiency.

 Focus on New Stadium Additions: Quick deployment in Jassim Bin Hamad and Abdullah Bin Khalifa stadiums.

 Coordination for Power Distribution: Prompt setup of necessary power infrastructure to support the CCTV network.

 Prioritizing Troubleshooting: Immediate resolution of any arising issues to maintain operational stability.

Techno Q chose Dahua solutions for their CCTV system based on:

 Quality: High-definition images for detailed monitoring.

 Intelligent Analytics: Features like facial recognition and crowd density monitoring for real-time threat detection.

 Scalability: Compatibility and extensibility with existing and new infrastructure.

 Remote Monitoring: Centralized control room for venue surveillance.

 Reliability: Resilient system capable of withstanding extensive operational demands.

 Pre-Event Planning: Strategic camera placement for comprehensive coverage.

 Integration: Seamless integration with various security platforms.

 Training: Adequate training provided to security personnel.

 Testing and Optimization: Extensive system testing for guaranteed event-day performance.

 AI Parameters: Accurate facial recognition through fine-tuned AI parameters.

 Enhanced Security: A robust deterrent against potential threats.

 Improved Safety: Ability to foresee and manage risks effectively.

 Public Confidence: Security measures that promote spectator reassurance.

Techno Q achieved perfect execution, realizing a 100% accuracy rate in the AFR system. The coordination with Dahua specialists ensured that the system functioned flawlessly. The remarkable precision surpassed the expectations set by the MOI and SSOC.

Techno Q’s integration with MOI/NCC granted the authority unmatched control and oversight capabilities. The collaborative efforts resulted in an enhanced and efficient operational system.

Equipment brands integrated include (but are not limited to):

– Dahua

– Huawei

– Dell

– Lenovo

With a state-of-the-art deployment led by Techno Q, the AFC Cup 2023 set a high standard for sports event security, utilizing advanced technology to ensure the event was an unequivocal success.

Successful Implementation - FIFA World Cup

Overlay CCTV Solution - 2022

The FIFA World Cup is more than just a global sporting event; it’s a herculean assembly of cultures united by a shared passion for football. In 2022, Qatar had the honor of hosting this monumental event, where ensuring the safety and security of attendees was of extreme importance. This case study highlights the achievements of Techno Q in implementing Dahua’s sophisticated CCTV surveillance system to secure the event’s venues and ensure the safety of the spectators.

 To enhance security across all eight stadiums and 32 training sites during the FIFA World Cup 2022.

 To implement a comprehensive CCTV surveillance system capable of handling the influx of over 3.4 million spectators and providing support for the 32 participating teams.

 To overcome the logistical challenges of a tight timeframe for installation and commissioning.

The challenge presented was daunting: installing and commissioning in excess of 8000 cameras across the State of Qatar within a mere three months. The intricate task involved significant engineering, procurement, and implementation challenges. But the dedicated team, led by Senior Projects Manager Mohanad Is-hak, emerged triumphant.

 Shift Teams: Engineers, supervisors, and technicians worked tirelessly in two shifts to maintain progress and adhere to the project timeline.

 Expedited Material Delivery: Air freight was utilized to accelerate the delivery of materials, which facilitated continuous project momentum.

– In-House Commissioning: Over 300 Huawei Switches were programmed in-house to diminish the time required for on-site commissioning.

– Prefabricated Racks: More than 150 racks were preassembled within two weeks, which improved logistical efficiency and reduced on-site setup times.

The choice of DAHUA’s CCTV solutions was deliberate, catering to the unique requirements of the FIFA World Cup due to:

– Superior Quality of Cameras

–  Advanced Intelligent Analytics

 High Scalability and Integration Capability

 Remote Monitoring Capabilities

 Proven Reliability and Durability

 The surveillance system seamlessly integrated with the platforms of MOI/SSOC.

 Comprehensive training was provided to security personnel.

 A full range of extensive testing and optimization procedures ensured reliability under the demanding circumstances of the FIFA World Cup.

 Enhanced Security: The presence of the advanced Dahua CCTV system bolstered security, serving as both a deterrent and a means of rapid response.

 Improved Safety: Real-time monitoring and analytics played a pivotal role in recognizing and addressing safety hazards promptly.

 Public, Enhanced Confidence: The clear display of proactive surveillance reassured spectators, thereby contributing positively to the overall World Cup experience.

 High Client Satisfaction: Techno Q went above and beyond, meeting and surpassing expectations with a fully integrated CCTV solution that connected with MOI/NCC, providing MOI/SSOC with comprehensive oversight of the event.

Equipment brands that were incorporated into the FIFA World Cup 2022’s security infrastructure included:

 Dahua (CCTV)

 Huawei (Networking Equipment)

 Dell (Server/Networking Infrastructure)

 Lenovo (Computing Hardware)

The successful installation and implementation of the overlay CCTV solution by Techno Q for the FIFA World Cup 2022 is a testament to meticulous planning, innovative problem-solving, and dedicated teamwork. It reflects Qatar’s commitment to ensuring a secure environment for one of the world’s most prominent sporting events. Through the deployment of Dahua’s high-end surveillance technology, the event not only achieved a high standard of security but also etched itself in history as a model for future events of similar magnitudes.



Qatar University stands at the forefront of educational excellence in the State of Qatar, consistently aligning with the nation’s Vision 2030 by expanding its facilities and academic resources. The College of Pharmacy at Qatar University symbolizes this educational advancement, having partnered with Techno Q to incorporate state-of-the-art audiovisual technology. This case study examines the objectives, challenges, and outcomes of this ambitious project.

Client: Qatar University – College of Pharmacy 

Industry: Education 

Location: Doha, Qatar  

Solution Provider: Techno Q 

Project Manager: Mohanad Is-Hak 

Scope: Installation of comprehensive audiovisual and digital signage systems across 25 Classrooms, 14 Teaching Labs, 10 Meeting Rooms, 11 Discussion Rooms, 2 Learning Resource Centers, and 1 Auditorium

The main objective for Techno Q was to enhance the educational experience through the strategic implementation of advanced audiovisual technologies within the College of Pharmacy. The project aimed to:

 Facilitate interactive learning and communication between faculty and students.

 Provide flexible and modern teaching aids for educators.

 Equip rooms with smart scheduling solutions to optimize room bookings and management.

 Offer state-of-the-art presentations and audio solutions within the auditorium.

 Support the college’s commitment to sustainability and environmental considerations through energy-saving measures.

The challenge lay in designing and integrating a complex system tailored to the unique requirements of an educational setting—providing easy-to-use yet technologically sophisticated tools for users with varying levels of technical proficiency.

Technological Innovations

Classrooms and Labs 

High-resolution projectors and interactive screens with annotation capabilities.

Integrated recording systems with encrypted HD cameras for lesson recall.

Control touch panels within teaching stations for seamless AV navigation.


A massive 222” motorized screen and high-quality laser projector.

Podium with cable cubby, document camera, and microphone.

Wall-mounted speakers and wireless microphones for excellent sound management.

Translation system to cater to diverse linguistic needs.

Meeting and Discussion Rooms 

Interactive screens and video/audio conference solutions to enhance collaboration and staff meetings.

Room Scheduling System 

Centralized room booking monitors integrated with Microsoft Exchange.

Public Areas 

Digital signage displays information accurately covering all campus buildings.

Advanced public address systems for effective communication.

Sustainability Efforts 

Installation of sensors that switch equipment into “rest mode” after detecting no usage, conserving energy.

Techno Q’s provision of a customized audiovisual solution has had a significant impact on the College of Pharmacy, including:

 Engaged student learning, with better resources for students with varying learning preferences and disabilities.

 Facilitating a diverse range of teaching methodologies.

 Seamless room management, aiding the administrative processes.

 Setting a benchmark for future technological implementations in the education sector.

The targeted approach towards installing and managing audiovisual solutions at Qatar University’s College of Pharmacy not only fulfills immediate academic needs but also contributes to the broader vision of elevating the educational landscape in Qatar.


Through this project, Techno Q has demonstrated that integrating state-of-the-art audiovisual technology in academic institutions can profoundly enhance the quality of education and interactivity in the classroom. The successful partnership with Qatar University’s College of Pharmacy paves the way for future technological endeavors that align with educational growth and sustainability in the Gulf region and beyond.


Sound and Lighting System Upgrade

Qatar University stands at the forefront of educational excellence in the State of Qatar, consistently aligning with the nation’s Vision 2030 by expanding its facilities and academic resources. The College of Pharmacy at Qatar University symbolizes this educational advancement, having partnered with Techno Q to incorporate state-of-the-art audiovisual technology. This case study examines the objectives, challenges, and outcomes of this ambitious project.

The historic Al Rayyan Theatre stands as an iconic venue in the bustling Souq Waqif, boasting a rich tradition of cultural performances and events. Recognizing the need for an audiovisual system befitting its status, Al Rayyan Theatre sought Techno Q’s expertise to overhaul its sound and lighting capabilities to meet the demands of contemporary productions and deliver an immersive audience experience.

The primary objectives outlined for the project were to:

 Integrate a 7.1 surround sound system tailored to the theatre’s unique acoustic environment.

 Provide a flexible audio setup to accommodate various event requirements.

 Enhance sound treatment within the theatre for optimal acoustics.

 Upgrade the theatre’s lighting system with a fly bar mechanism for comprehensive lighting control.

 Implement a high-definition broadcasting system for recording and live feeds.

Implementing an advanced AV system in the confines of the traditional Qatari architecture posed unique challenges. Adjustments had to respect the existing aesthetics and cultural heritage. Furthermore, designing a system that delivered high fidelity sound across diverse show formats required a blend of technical agility and precision.

To respond to these needs, Techno Q executed a comprehensive plan:

Audio Installation

 Surround Sound System: A 7.1 surround setup with line array speakers strategically placed for maximum clarity and coverage.

 Audio Mixer Units: An advanced digital mixer located in the control room for sound optimization, along with an analog stage mixer for on-the-fly adjustments.

 Patch Panel Rack: A configurable patch panel to quickly adapt to show-specific speaker arrangements, ensuring versatility for a range of events.

 Acoustic Treatment: Application of state-of-the-art sound treatment materials to enrich the audio environment within the theatre.

Lighting System

 Fly Bar System: Installation of a fly bar mechanism with two central control panels, operating 13 fly bars for dynamic lighting effects.

Broadcasting System

 HD Broadcast Setup: Five HDSDI broadcasting cameras with connectivity to a Panasonic broadcast mixer enabled quality live feed transmission and Marten HD recording for post-event usage.

Following Techno Q’s updates, the Al Rayyan Theatre has observed:

 Enhanced Audio Experience: The customized surround sound system has resulted in a more immersive and vibrant auditory sensation for audiences.

 Operational Flexibility: The adaptable audio setup facilitates seamless sound management across varied event formats, contributing to a smoother production flow.

 Visual Enhancement: Updated lighting capabilities have allowed for more elaborate and creative staging, accentuating theatrical performances.

 Quality Broadcasts: The implemented HD broadcasting system has increased the quality of live feeds and recordings, expanding the theatre’s outreach capability.

Techno Q’s execution amplified Al Rayyan Theatre’s stature as a premier cultural destination, blending technological innovation with the site’s historical significance. The project stands as a testament to the company’s ability to deliver customized solutions in complex settings, fulfilling client needs and enhancing the spectator experience dramatically.



Carrefour: A renowned global retail giant and the world’s second-largest retailer with a sprawling new outlet occupying 17,000 square meters within Landmark mall, drawing an influx of approximately 10,000 shoppers weekly. The sheer scale presents a pivotal challenge – ensuring the security of a vast array of merchandise while simultaneously safeguarding staff and shopper welfare.

A vast shopping area coupled with intense shopper traffic demanded a meticulous and robust security solution. With thousands of items and numerous individuals to protect, Carrefour needed a comprehensive system that could reconcile the dual goals of asset protection and personal safety.

Techno Q, at the forefront of this initiative, crafted and executed a state-of-the-art security system for Carrefour’s latest Landmark mall outlet. The solution encompassed:

– Sensormatic Anti-shoplifting systems that serve as the frontline defense against retail theft, securing the thousands of items within the outlet.

– CCTV Surveillance networks with a total of 96 fixed and PTZ cameras ensuring a vigilant eye over the entire store.

– Access Control measures restricting entry to sensitive zones within the premises.

– Intrusion Alarms adeptly wired into an integrated network to signal any unauthorized access or threats immediately.

This comprehensive setup empowered security personnel to monitor all systems cohesively, with alarms directly linked to the security control room. The presence of CCTV spot monitors and strategic pop-up screens facilitated rapid identification and response to incidents.

All camera footage provided digitally recorded images, amassing evidence of activities within the store. This valuable data was securely stored within an SQL database server, paving the way for retrospective analyses and incident validations.

 Project Designation: Carrefour Security Installation

 Industry: Retail

 Award Date: August 2007

 Completion Date: August 2008

 Contract Role: Prime Contractor

 Location: Landmark Outlet, Doha

 Techno Q Project  Manager: Dory El Kozah

 Client: Carrefour

 Equipment Employed:

– Sensormatic Anti-theft Systems

– Cardax Access Control

– American Dynamics CCTV Systems

The culmination of the project in August 2008 marked a significant milestone in retail security within the region. Techno Q’s seamless integration of advanced security equipment delivered a fortified yet unobtrusive shopping experience. This symbiosis of protection and discretion epitomizes the ethos of Carrefour’s customer-centric approach.

Both Carrefour and Techno Q hold this achievement as a testament to their dedication to innovation, safety, and excellence in the retail environment. The case of Carrefour’s groundbreaking security system continues to be a benchmark for retail establishments globally, delineating the proficiency of technological intervention in asset and personal security.



This case study examines the Al Hitmi Tower project, an avant-garde office building positioned along the picturesque Doha Corniche. Destined to become an architectural icon in Qatar, the tower’s design draws inspiration from natural stone formations jutting over water, symbolizing a geological connection with the Persian Gulf. Key features such as the world’s largest suspension bridge and an artificial lagoon cement the building’s landmark status, while the advanced control system by Techno Q ensures seamless operations of its mechanical and electrical systems.



 Location: Corniche, Doha

 Industry: Commercial Tower


The primary objectives for the Al Hitmi Tower project included:

 Establishing a new architectural benchmark in Qatar.

 Creating a landmark that harmonizes with the adjacent Persian Gulf.

 Implementing a sophisticated control system for efficient building management.

The Al Hitmi Tower boasts several innovative characteristics:

 Design: The office building is designed to appear as monolithic blocks hovering over water, enveloped with dark-tinted glass and natural stone tiles.

 Suspension Bridge: The edifice features the globe’s largest suspension bridge, destined for the Guinness Book of Records—epitomizing groundbreaking architectural achievement.

 Artificial Lagoon: An artificial lagoon, resembling two mountain blocks, adds an element of natural allure between the structures.

The implementation of Techno Q’s ASI control system revolutionizes the management of the Al Hitmi Tower’s infrastructure:

 System: ASIC/2 8540 controllers & software, Technovator field devices.

 Management: The system oversees vital mechanical and electrical equipment—air handling units, pumps, elevators, heaters, among others.

 Open Protocols: Direct integration with generators, CCTV, fire alarms, and access control systems—circumventing the need for additional integrators or gateways.


 Award Date: August 2007

 Completion Date: July 2008


 Techno Q served as a subcontractor under the main client, Drake & Skull International.

 Project Manager: Eduardo N Berdos

Size & Capacity

 Office Space: 14,238 square meters across two buildings (seven and eight storeys).

 Basement: A two-storey basement spanning 5,475 square meters, accommodating over 200 vehicles.

Efficiently managing a building with such complexity required a robust control system. Techno Q’s ASIC open protocol system allowed for streamlined operations without compromising the integrity and security of the building’s management.

The Al Hitmi Tower serves as a testament to innovative architectural design while simultaneously setting a new standard in building automation and management. Its influence extends beyond mere aesthetics, showcasing the potency of integrating cutting-edge technology with high-end construction work.

This case study of Al Hitmi Tower highlights a stride forward in commercial building development—a blend of extraordinary engineering, sustainable design philosophy, and technological advancement. The tower not only stands as an economic beacon in Doha but also exemplifies the possible synergy between architecture and technology.

For more information or inquiries about the Al Hitmi Tower project or Techno Q’s role, please contact:

– Techno Q Project Manager: Eduardo N Berdos

– Client: Drake & Skull International



Al Shaqab Equestrian Academy, a center for equestrian excellence within Education City, is a groundbreaking venture aimed at showcasing, training, and nurturing Arabian horses. Expected to set a new precedence in the field of equine facilities, Al Shaqab spans an extensive 800,000 square meters, furnished with modern stables, indoor and outdoor training arenas, and various amenities catering to public and private needs. This case study explores the objectives, innovative architectural design, and the advanced audiovisual and broadcast system installations completed by Techno Q.

Al Shaqab’s establishment aimed to fulfill several key objectives:

 To create a premier institution that would become a reference point for equestrian sports, particularly for Arabian horses.

 To provide top-notch, comprehensive facilities that cater to every aspect of equestrian sport and horse care.

 To ensure broad accessibility of the arena for various events through state-of-the-art audiovisual and broadcasting systems.


Al Shaqab features a remarkable architectural design centered around a horseshoe structure, which not only serves as the brand identity but also reflects the focus on Arabian horse equine excellence. The academy is designed to host a large array of functions through its multipurpose facilities:

 Grandstand: The five-level-back-to-back Grandstand overlooked both the indoor and the outdoor arenas, which allowed spectators to enjoy events irrespective of their choice of environment.

 Stables and Training Arena: With high-quality stables and a riding school, Al Shaqab ensured the best care and training for the horses.

 Equestrian Club: An exclusive equestrian club with functional rooms and dining facilities catered specifically to members.

 Museum and Library: Showcasing the rich heritage and future progression in equestrian sports.

Technological Advancements

Techno Q, under the project management of Mahesh Chaudry, was responsible for the integration of cutting-edge audiovisual and broadcast infrastructure that included:

 Audiovisual Systems: Installation in conference areas and training rooms for immersive learning and presentations.

 Broadcast Infrastructure: Fixed broadcasting cameras covered both indoor and outdoor arenas, permitting extensive recording and internal content distribution.

 Public Announcement and Evacuation: A thorough PA and evacuation system that ensured safety communications throughout the facility.

 Control Room: The master control room provided monitoring capabilities and system checks, with all areas interlinked yet capable of independent operation.

 Routing Flexibility: Signals from any event could be managed effectively, allowing either full-facility reach or targeted zonal broadcast.

 Successful installation and integration of advanced audiovisual and broadcast systems that allowed the academy to host a multitude of events with varying requirements.

 Seamless blend of functionality and elegance in design, establishing Al Shaqab as a regional beacon for equine sports and activities.

 The project, awarded in February 2008, saw completion in early 2009, marking a swift implementation period with exemplary management and technical execution.

 Client: Gulf Leighton

 Equipment Supplied: Mediamatrix digital signal processor, JBL speakers, Crown amplifiers, Shure microphones

 Location: Education City

Through the elaborate execution of the Al Shaqab project, Techno Q has fortified its position as a versatile subcontractor capable of delivering tailored solutions for specialized sports facilities, thus contributing significantly to Qatar’s vision for leading the domain of sporting excellence on a global scale.