Quality Statement


  • Meeting or exceeding our customers defined expectations in all products and service provisions.
  • Supporting all employees and partners endeavors to continuously improve our products, processes and services.

Quality Process Management


Techno Q has established and maintains documented procedures to ensure that the sequence of the processes is conducted in a controlled manner, ensuring the delivery of projects consistent with the Quality Control System parameters and the verification standards along the process. In brief:

  • Identification of clients requirements and review of ability to meet defined requirements
  • Customer communication process
  • Design and development (planning, inputs, outputs)
  • Design and development (review, verification, validation and changes)
  • Purchasing process and information
  • Verification of purchased product and/or services
  • Control of production and service operation
  • Identification and trace-ability

Quality Certificates

  • Techno Q had ISO 9001:2015 Certification (Quality Management System) re-issued in 2023.
  • Techno Q obtained ISO 9001:2015 Certification (Quality Management System) in 2017.
  • Techno Q was the first system integrator in the Gulf awarded InfoComm International’s Gold Certified Audio Visual Solutions Provider (CAVSP) Status in 2006.
    Infocomms’s CTS designation is awarded to AV professionals who have demonstrated knowledge and comprehension of the science and technology used in audio, video, display and systems.

Quality management


Techno Q management team drives continual improvement and innovation based upon efficient business processes, well-defined measurements, best practices, observations resulting from audits and customer surveys. We also promote teamwork and use of a common business language (English), terminology and processes.

Quality Manager

  • Ensures the establishment of the quality management system and its maintenance in accordance with ISO certification
  • Reports on the performance of the quality management system to the management for review as a basis for improvement
  • Manages the internal quality audits, initiates follow up audit in order to verify them and records the implementation and effectiveness of the corrective and preventive actions taken.

Quality Engineering Control

  • Verifies that the procedural and technical quality standards in each project development are carefully met
  • Provides the most effective, lowest impact and quickest corrective action to re-establish the quality standard
  • Follows up to verify the effectiveness of the corrective put in place on site
  • Takes responsibility for the handover of the project to the client along with the project engineer managing the site

Customer Relations Officer

  • Operates as the client agent inside Techno Q organization
  • Takes responsibility for handling all feedback and complaints received by the clients
  • Organizes internally the resources (human and technical) to satisfy the clients’ requirements in the quickest and most effective way
  • Follows up clients’ satisfaction after the intervention of the support team
  • Reports on the quality service level and customer experience satisfaction to systems consultants and operational management

Please contact us with your comments or complaints by e-mail at  or by calling +974 4000 9700. Our Customer Relations Officer will contact you within 24 hours.