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Quality focus


At Techno Q, we continuously refine and uphold our documented protocols to assure that every project is executed within a structured framework. This disciplined approach ensures that our work aligns with the stringent parameters of our Quality Assurance System and adheres to rigorous verification criteria throughout the project lifecycle. Here’s an overview of our updated process:

Comprehensive assessment of client needs and a thorough evaluation of our capacity to fulfill those requirements.

Streamlined communication channels with clients to facilitate clear and consistent interaction.

Meticulously structured design and development stages, inclusive of detailed planning, precise input management, and quality output generation.

Rigorous procurement procedures, accompanied by comprehensive documentation for all products and services acquired.

Stringent verification measures for all third-party products and/or services, guaranteeing they meet our high-quality standards.

Full control over the production and provision of services, ensuring every phase of operation meets Techno Q's excellence benchmarks.

Enhanced systems for the identification and traceability, providing clarity and accountability at each point in the service delivery process.

Our commitment to quality is unwavering, and we pledge to maintain the highest standard in every aspect of our work to meet and exceed the evolving expectations of our valued clients.


Techno Q obtained ISO 9001:2000 Certification (Quality Management System) in 2003.

Techno Q was the first system integrator in the Gulf awarded InfoComm International’s Gold Certified Audiovisual Solutions Provider (CAVSP) Status in 2006.

Infocomms’s CTS designation is awarded to AV professionals who have demonstrated knowledge and comprehension of the science and technology used in audio, video, display and systems.



Meeting or exceeding our customers defined expectations in all products and service provisions.

Supporting all employees and partners endeavors to continuously improve our products, processes and services.


At Techno Q, our leadership is dedicated to fostering a culture of ongoing enhancement and creativity. This commitment is rooted in our core processes, all of which are streamlined for efficiency, informed by precise metrics, established industry standards, and insights gathered from frequent audits and customer feedback. Furthermore, we champion collaborative efforts across our team and adhere to effective communication, ensuring consistent terminology and procedures throughout our operations.

Quality Management Leadership

  • Oversees Quality System Implementation: Our Quality Manager is tasked with implementing a quality management system that aligns with ISO standards, ensuring ongoing compliance and operational excellence.
  • Performance Monitoring & Reporting: They are responsible for monitoring, analyzing, and reporting on the effectiveness of the quality management system, providing actionable insights to senior management for strategic improvements.
  • Continuous Improvement & Auditing: Leading a team dedicated to quality, the manager conducts regular internal audits, follows up for timely verifications, and documents the execution and results of corrective and preventive measures to guarantee continuous improvement within the organization.
  • Ensuring Excellence in Project Development

    Our Quality Engineering Control team is dedicated to upholding the highest standards of procedural and technical quality throughout each phase of a project’s development. Through planned verification processes, we ensure that every project adheres to our tight quality benchmarks.

    Effective Correction with Minimal Disruption

    We identify and implement the most efficient corrective actions that address quality deviations, aiming to minimize impact and accelerate recovery to our established standards. Our proactive approach ensures that quality is quickly and effectively restored, without significant project delays.

    Continuous Improvement and Verification

    Post-correction, our team evaluates the implemented measures to confirm their effectiveness. This thorough follow-up ensures that our solutions are not just temporary fixes but are sustainable improvements that uphold our quality commitment.

    Seamless Project Handover

    Taking full ownership of the project’s final strides, our Quality Engineering Control professionals work in tandem with the project engineers on-site to ensure a smooth and successful handover to our clients. We guarantee that the finished project meets both our quality criteria and our clients’ expectations, down to the last detail.

Your dedicated advocate within Techno Q; our Customer Relations Officer spearheads issue resolution and customer care.

  • Proactively manages and resolves all clients’ feedback and complaints.
  • Coordinates Techno Q’s resources—both technical and human—to meet and exceed client expectations quickly and efficiently.
  • Ensures post-support follow-ups to guarantee continued client satisfaction.
  • Provides comprehensive service quality reports to our systems consultants and operations managers, ensuring your experience is nothing short of exceptional.