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DIVE INTO ELV EXCELLENCE IN THIS RECAP OF TECHNO Q’S PROJECTS AT THE WORLD AQUATICS MASTERS CHAMPIONSHIPS DOHA 2024. 4 weeks ago - At Techno Q, we specialize in transforming international events into unforgettable experiences. If you were fortunate enough to attend the World Aquatic Competition in Doha, you undoubtedly witnessed the exceptional visual and security systems provided by Techno Q. When you… Continue Reading
TECHNO Q’S COMMITMENT TO INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY 2024. 4 weeks ago - We celebrated International Women’s Day on March 8, 2024, and Techno Q is not just an observer but an active participant in celebrating the achievements, contributions, and empowerment of women. Aligning with the theme of ‘Invest in Women,’ we acknowledge… Continue Reading
ELEVATE YOUR PARKING EXPERIENCE WITH TECHNO Q’S PARKING MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS. 4 weeks ago - Embark on a journey to transform your parking facilities with Techno Q’s outstanding parking management systems. Our innovative solutions empower you to make data-driven decisions, streamline operations, and create a seamless parking experience for both customers and employees. At Techno… Continue Reading
UNVEILING TECHNO Q’S LED DISPLAY MARVEL AT WEST WALK. 4 weeks ago - In the ever-evolving world of audiovisual innovation, Techno Q stands out as a pioneer, and West Walk is no exception. Step into a realm where the ordinary transforms into the extraordinary—just look UP! West Walk boasts not one but two… Continue Reading
TECHNO Q’S ADVANCED PHYSICAL SECURITY SYSTEMS: ROAD BLOCKERS 4 weeks ago - In the backdrop of global megaprojects and high-profile events like the FIFA World Cup, one element stands paramount: security. The massive influx of tourists, celebrated athletes, and VIPs brings with it the immense responsibility of safeguarding not only people but… Continue Reading
MASTERING PHYSICAL SECURITY SYSTEMS: INSIGHTS FROM THE FIFA WORLD CUP 4 weeks ago - At Techno Q, our unwavering commitment to excellence in physical security systems has catapulted us into the forefront as industry leaders. Our most recent achievement, a testament to our expertise and dedication, was showcased during the globally celebrated FIFA World… Continue Reading
ELV SYSTEMS 3 months ago - The latest additions to smart TVs and smartphones are now smart buildings. So, what do we mean by smart buildings? Smart building can be defined as a building that has reduced cost of operations, but at the same time, efficient… Continue Reading
AV SYSTEMS 3 months ago - AV solutions have become an integral part of business operations. Today, AV systems are more of a necessity rather than a trend or luxury. It encompasses all electronic media required for enhanced functioning of any business. AV systems include Audiovisual… Continue Reading
WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OF FCS UNICORN CALL ACCOUNTING SOFTWARE IN QATAR? 3 months ago - With the advancements in technology and the adoption of digitalisation, the hospitality industry has also transformed its operating procedures. Nowadays, most hotel properties rely on complex software for processes like asset management, guest reservations, revenue and yield management, and even… Continue Reading
TOUCHÉ – MOBILE ANDROID-BASED SMART PAYMENT TERMINAL 3 months ago - For too long the credit card world has been biased towards the cardholder, Touché brings the value-added services to the physical merchants for them to have tangible benefits. Touché runs on a fully integrated mobile Android-based smart payment terminal provided… Continue Reading
THIS STUNNING LED MESH SCREEN INSTALLATION ALONG LUSAIL BOULEVARD WAS BROUGHT TO LIFE BY THE VISIONARY TEAM AT TECHNO Q. 3 months ago - Lusail Boulevard: Illuminating the Future Lusail City has always been at the forefront of innovation, pushing boundaries and redefining urban landscapes. The addition of the LED mesh screen along Lusail Boulevard is a testament to this commitment to cutting-edge technology… Continue Reading
RATETIGER HOTEL CHANNEL MANAGER IN QATAR 3 months ago - Managing a hotel and its several operational departments is a cumbersome activity. But with recent innovations in digital technology, this process has become streamlined. Most hotels in Qatar nowadays use operations management software to monitor and control the activities of… Continue Reading
ORACLE MICROS INVENTORY MANAGEMENT CLOUD SERVICE IN QATAR 3 months ago - The hospitality industry of Qatar has been growing at a rate of 4.5% year-on-year. Especially with the hosting of the FIFA World Cup 2022, hotel bookings and restaurant reservations are set to shoot off the charts in Qatar. As a… Continue Reading
ELEVATE YOUR F&B/HOSPITALITY BUSINESS WITH TOUCHÉ FROM TECHNO Q BUSINESS SOLUTIONS. 3 months ago - Touché, a leading technology solution, is here in Qatar to revolutionize your business operations and enhance guest experiences like never before! Let’s delve into the benefits of Touché for F&B and hospitality businesses: Seamless Order and Payment Experience: Say goodbye to… Continue Reading
ILLUMINATE YOUR SPACE WITH TECHNO Q’S PARTNERSHIP WITH SIGNIFY – PHILLIPS HUE 3 months ago - Philips Hue WACA (White and Color Ambiance) Bulbs and Lily Outdoor Assets Now Available at Lulu Hypermarkets and Carrefour Online! Techno Q, the leading systems integrator in Qatar, is partners with Signify, the global leader in lighting.  Techno Q is… Continue Reading
ILLUMINATE YOUR SPACE WITH TECHNO Q’S PARTNERSHIP WITH SIGNIFY – PHILLIPS HUE 3 months ago - Philips Hue WACA (White and Color Ambiance) Bulbs and Lily Outdoor Assets Now Available at Lulu Hypermarkets and Carrefour Online! Techno Q, the leading systems integrator in Qatar, is partners with Signify, the global leader in lighting.  Techno Q is… Continue Reading
NEWS THAT ALL QATAR BUSINESSES SHOULD KNOW! 3 months ago - Upgrade Your ERP with Oracle NetSuite through Techno Q, the Leading Solutions Provider! Did you know that Techno Q provides Oracle NetSuite, the game-changing ERP solution, to businesses in Qatar. If you’re looking to revolutionize your business operations and drive… Continue Reading
ENHANCING GUEST EXPERIENCE WITH WI-Q, THE NEW DIGITAL ORDERING SOLUTION BROUGHT TO YOU BY TECHNO Q 3 months ago - In today’s fast-paced world, providing exceptional guest experiences is more important than ever for hotels. That’s why Techno Q is proud to introduce wi-Q, a revolutionary digital ordering solution designed to elevate the guest experience to new heights. More than… Continue Reading
A COMPREHENSIVE LOOK INTO SOME OF TECHNO Q’S INTEGRATED SYSTEMS 3 months ago - A Comprehensive Look into some of Techno Q’s Integrated Systems At Techno Q, our commitment to excellence is reflected in the comprehensive range of integrated systems we deliver to our esteemed clients. With a diverse portfolio that spans outstanding solutions,… Continue Reading
REVOLUTIONIZING COMMUNICATION WITH THE TOP DIGITAL WIRELESS PAGER CALLING SYSTEM 3 months ago - Introducing Dinggly: Revolutionizing Communication with the top Digital Wireless Pager Calling System In today’s fast-paced world, efficient communication is the backbone of any successful enterprise. For businesses in Qatar seeking an innovative solution to streamline their operations and elevate customer… Continue Reading
ELEVATE YOUR CONFERENCE ROOMS WITH TECHNO Q’S MODERN AUDIO-VISUAL SOLUTIONS 3 months ago - In today’s fast-paced business landscape, communication is key. Whether it’s brainstorming sessions, team meetings, or client presentations, conference rooms serve as the hub of collaboration. To ensure seamless and impactful interactions, integrating top-notch audio-visual solutions is no longer a luxury… Continue Reading
TECHNO Q EXPANDS REACH TO SAUDI ARABIA 3 months ago - Exciting times lie ahead as we proudly announce the newest addition to our ever-expanding family: the Techno Q office in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia! This marks a significant step in our journey to provide top-notch Audio Visual (AV) and Extra Low… Continue Reading
ELEVATE YOUR BUSINESS WITH TECHNO Q’S SUPERIOR MONITORING AND CONTROL ROOMS 3 months ago - Elevate Your Business with Techno Q’s Superior Monitoring and Control Rooms In the dynamic world of business in Qatar, efficient operations and asset security are of great importance. Look no further than Techno Q, a leader in the field of… Continue Reading
LEADING THE WAY IN MEDICAL SIMULATION: TECHNO Q’S INNOVATIVE SOLUTION FOR HAMAD MEDICAL CORPORATION 3 months ago - At Techno Q, we take great pride in delivering innovative solutions that also revolutionize medical education and training. The Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) Simulation Clinic stands as a testament to our commitment to excellence in the field. The Simulation Centre… Continue Reading
QATAR’S FORMULA 1 GRAND PRIX SHINES WITH TECHNO Q’S OUTSTANDING SCREENS 3 months ago - In September 2023, Techno Q showcased its prowess through an extraordinary installation project for the global Formula 1 Grand Prix event in Qatar. The LED displays strategically positioned at the renowned venue were not just a visual spectacle but a… Continue Reading
TECHNO Q SHINES BRIGHT AT THE F1 GRAND PRIX IN QATAR 3 months ago - The 2023 Formula 1 Grand Prix in Qatar was a spectacle to behold, and at the heart of this monumental event was Techno Q, a leading provider of outstanding audio-visual solutions. Teaming up with Sports Total, Techno Q played a… Continue Reading
TRANSFORMING THE EDUCATION SECTOR WITH INNOVATIVE AUDIO-VISUAL SOLUTIONS 3 months ago - In the rapidly evolving realm of education, the integration of technology in the classroom is nothing short of imperative. The rise of Audio-Visual (AV) solutions stands as a vital milestone, promising several advantages for both educators and students alike. Undoubtedly,… Continue Reading
BEACH CLEAN UP 3 months ago - Techno Q Takes a Stand for a Cleaner Future! A Successful Beach Cleanup in Zekreet with Seashore Recycling In an effort to contribute to environmental sustainability and community well-being, Techno Q recently joined hands with Seashore Recycling for a memorable… Continue Reading
ELEVATE YOUR VISUAL EXPERIENCES WITH TECHNO Q’S PROJECTION MAPPING. 3 months ago - In the dynamic world of technology, innovation takes center stage, transforming the way we perceive and interact with our surroundings. One such revolutionary technology that has been captivating audiences worldwide is projection mapping. At the forefront of this phenomenon is… Continue Reading
REVOLUTIONIZE YOUR INFRASTRUCTURE WITH TECHNO Q’S FLEXIBLE RACKS AND CABINETS SOLUTIONS. 3 months ago - In the ever-evolving landscape of technology, the backbone of any robust infrastructure lies in its racks and cabinets. At Techno Q, we take pride in presenting the most flexible and meticulously crafted solutions in Qatar, designed to meet the dynamic… Continue Reading
TECHNO Q STATE-OF-THE-ART DIGITAL SIGNAGE IN DOHA 3 months ago - In the ever-evolving landscape of technology, one company stands out for its commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation in access control solutions. Techno Q takes immense pride in leading the way, particularly in the realm of sports venues, where… Continue Reading
TECHNO Q’S PIONEERING ACCESS CONTROL SOLUTIONS TRANSFORM SPORTS VENUES. 3 months ago - In the ever-evolving landscape of technology, one company stands out for its commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation in access control solutions. Techno Q takes immense pride in leading the way, particularly in the realm of sports venues, where… Continue Reading
TECHNO Q PLAYS A GREAT HAND AT ELEVATING STADIUM SECURITY TO UNPRECEDENTED HEIGHTS. 3 months ago - Step into a realm where safety meets spectacle – at Techno Q, we take pride in being more than just stadium security specialists; we are the guardians of the game. Our mission is clear: to ensure an electrifying yet safe… Continue Reading
TAKE YOUR HOSPITALITY BUSINESS TO NEW HEIGHTS WITH TOUCHÉ, POWERED BY TECHNO Q IN QATAR. 3 months ago - In Qatar’s hospitality industry, Techno Q is the local Touché partner, offering an innovative solution to elevate operational efficiency and enhance guest experiences. Touché, a comprehensive and seamlessly integrated front-of-house solution designed for Oracle Micros Simphony POS users, revolutionizes the… Continue Reading
EMPOWER YOUR BUSINESS IN QATAR WITH TECHNO Q YOUR NETSUITE SOLUTIONS PROVIDER. 3 months ago - In the dynamic business landscape of Qatar, Techno Q stands as a trusted NetSuite Solutions provider, bringing this outstanding technology to a diverse range of clients. NetSuite, a robust cloud-based solution, caters to businesses of all sizes, from nimble start-ups… Continue Reading
BOOST YOUR HOSPITALITY BUSINESS WITH TECHNO Q THE LOCAL WI-Q SOLUTION PROVIDER. 3 months ago - wi-Q a Digital Ordering Solution, offered by Techno Q in Qatar, is designed to revolutionize the way you cater to your guests. With advanced features such as allergen filtering and modifiers, this solution ensures a seamless and personalized menu experience.… Continue Reading
TECHNO Q: ELEVATING STADIUM EXPERIENCES LARGE-FORMAT LED SCREEN AND RIBBON SCREENS. 4 months ago - In the dynamic world of sports, creating an immersive and engaging experience for fans is essential. At Techno Q, we take pride in providing Large-Format Fixed LED Stadium Screens and Stadium Ribbon Screens that not only enhance the visual appeal… Continue Reading
EXPLORE OPERA CLOUD PMS WITH JEROEN BUITELAAR IN OUR EXCLUSIVE WEBINAR THIS FEBRUARY. 4 months ago - Prepare for an exciting journey into the boundless possibilities of Opera Cloud PMS with our upcoming webinar, featuring the expertise of Jeroen Buitelaar Techno Q’s GM, Business Solutions. Mark your calendars for Tuesday, February 20, 2024, from 2:00 PM to… Continue Reading
ELEVATE YOUR BUSINESS WITH ORACLE SIMPHONY THE ULTIMATE CLOUD POS SOLUTION FROM TECHNO Q IN QATAR. 5 months ago - In the dynamic landscape of retail and hospitality, the evolution of Point-of-Sale (POS) systems is nothing short of a revolution. What once started as simple cash registers has now transformed into sophisticated hubs, managing everything from sales to customer experience,… Continue Reading