At Techno Q, we take great pride in delivering innovative solutions that also revolutionize medical
education and training. The Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) Simulation Clinic stands as a testament
to our commitment to excellence in the field.

The Simulation Centre was engineered to provide meticulously controlled and supportive environments
that faithfully replicated real-life patient care scenarios. This approach to training unlocked specific
learning opportunities, notably in crucial areas such as communication and teamwork.

Our dedication to advancing medical education was evident in the implementation of outstanding
audiovisual (AV) systems. Beyond the simulation rooms, our commitment extended to several non-
simulation spaces including classrooms, debrief rooms, and skills labs. These rooms were meticulously
designed to facilitate medical education sessions seamlessly.

To enhance user experience, we deployed a complete Crestron user control interface. This user-friendly
system ensured effortless operation, whether wireless or wired presentation connectivity, customized
podium content microphones, AV plate connectivity, or the inclusion of ceiling-mounted 65” LED screens
and motorized screens with projector lifts.

One of the distinctive features of the Simulation Centre was the design of combinable rooms. These
versatile spaces were engineered for maximum adaptability, allowing for both individual room usage
and configuration into a larger hall. Advanced partition controls were seamlessly integrated, offering
unparalleled flexibility for a wide range of educational scenarios.

These rooms feature high-definition (HD) video transmission via fiber cables, enabled by encoders
connected to high-fidelity manikins and patient monitors. The data is transmitted to a central control
room, where professors can closely monitor and guide trainee doctors. A specialized software interface
provides a comprehensive overview of each case, offering detailed feedback on the high-fidelity
manikins and their status.

To ensure seamless communication and interaction, we established a two-way communication system
between the control rooms and examination rooms, providing complete flexibility for all parties

In conclusion, the Simulation Centre, created in collaboration with Hamad Medical Corporation, signifies
a transformative step forward in medical education. With its faithful replication of real-life scenarios,
outstanding AV systems, flexible room designs, and high-fidelity simulation capabilities, it exemplifies
Techno Q’s unwavering commitment to providing the finest training experience for medical

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