In September 2023, Techno Q showcased its prowess through an extraordinary installation project for the global Formula 1 Grand Prix event in Qatar. The LED displays strategically positioned at the renowned venue were not just a visual spectacle but a testament to Techno Q’s commitment to innovation and excellence. Designed with meticulous precision, the 16 screens, each measuring an impressive 13×3.5 meters, featured a transparent pixel pitch of 3.47mm. Complementing this, an additional 4,968 square meters of cutting-edge 71mm mesh LED Display seamlessly blended with the venue’s architecture, setting a new standard in LED technology for Formula 1 events. This installation marked a significant leap forward in visual technology for such prestigious occasions

The Formula 1 Grand Prix, a pinnacle in international motorsport, demands the highest level of performance and precision. The Techno Q installation not only met but exceeded the challenge of accommodating 16 expansive windows, offering a creative and precise solution that flawlessly displayed dynamic digital content while preserving unobstructed views from within the building. The crux of Techno Q’s solution lies in the intricacies of the screens, boasting a remarkable 3.47mm transparent pixel pitch. Additionally, a colossal 71mm mesh LED Display of almost 5000 square meters was strategically placed on the roof, intended for capture by drone cameras for television broadcast rather than direct viewing by an audience. Yet, the excellence of Techno Q’s endeavor extended beyond transparent LED screens and minute details. The achievement of native 4K resolution ensured impeccable sharpness, taking the visual experience to unprecedented levels. The grand finale saw Techno Q’s LED screens elevating the global F1 event, seamlessly aligning with the organizer’s; vision and enriching the overall experience for everyone involved. In conclusion, the Techno Q screen installation for the Formula 1 Grand Prix serves as a compelling testament to the extraordinary journey undertaken, exemplifying the formidable synergy of innovation and collaborative teamwork. Far from merely meeting expectations, Techno Q’s installation transcended them, leaving an indelible mark
on the intersection of technology and design.

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