For too long the credit card world has been biased towards the cardholder, Touché brings the value-added services to the physical merchants for them to have tangible benefits.

Touché runs on a fully integrated mobile Android-based smart payment terminal provided by the Acquirer that does everything from delivering operational efficiency that can be used for taking orders as well as facilitating payments.

The unique Touché and Qatar National Bank (QNB) combined F&B solution would provide clients in Qatar the solution that enables the F&B, Hospitality and Sports & Entertainment world to service their clients through a single certified device which links to their Micros Simphony POS and acquirer.

Touché solution future-proofs payments, delivers operational efficiency, removes operational risk, reconciliation issues, and improves guest experience leading to increased repeat business and loyalty which in turn leads to higher profitability.Through our partnerships, we empower full service and quick service businesses using Micros Simphony POS.

Touché is fully certified by Oracle for Simphony integration, and has cooperation and partnership agreement with leading Smart Terminal manufacturers and their re-sellers, as well as leading Acquirers around the world. Touché brings Value-added Services to their clients and partners.

Adopt a cost effective solution 

Reduce costs by using a single device for taking orders and processing payments. No need to invest in multiple tools and tablets and additional software licenses

Improve operational efficiency 

Your team’s movements is optimised with our integrated solution. No human errors while keying in amounts or splitting bills or closing the bill on the POS

Enhance guest experience 

Create a more rewarding relationship with your guests through friendly processes and rewarding their relationship at the point of interaction

Corporate social responsibility 

Reduce your environmental footprint by removing paper from your processes and saving trees, water and oil. E-receipts are much more convenient

Final Thoughts

Touché takes care of your business so you can take care of your guests.  Techno Q has an international team who understands the specific FNB industry domain and and its stringent requirements.  You can reply on us to support you with the installation, training and support of this innovative solution for the industry.

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