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With the advancements in technology and the adoption of digitalisation, the hospitality industry has also transformed its operating procedures. Nowadays, most hotel properties rely on complex software for processes like asset management, guest reservations, revenue and yield management, and even in managing guest expectations of superior service. Despite such digitalisation, the Private Branch Exchange (PBX) system remains a constant in most hotel properties. This PBX helps to manage all incoming and outgoing calls as well as calls within the hotel property.

The FCS Unicorn is a Call Accounting software in Qatar that can supplement hotel employees in using the PBX system. With the help of the FCS Unicorn, properties that receive a high influx of guests can better serve their guests. Here are some of the other benefits of using the FCS Unicorn Call Accounting Software in Qatar.

  1. Manage All Types of Calls
    A PBX system is responsible for inbound, outbound, and internal calls within a hotel property. With the help of the FCS Unicorn Call Accounting Software in Qatar, you will be able to identify the callers as well. Moreover, this call accounting software can be seamlessly integrated with your existing PBX system. This will enable you to manage all of these inbound, outbound, and internal calls more easily.
  2. Integration with PMS
    Most hospitality properties nowadays rely on a Property Management Software/System (PMS) to manage reservations, guest billings and even manage property assets. With the help of the FCS Unicorn Accounting Software in Qatar, you will now be able to integrate your PMS along with your PBX system. While the FCS Unicorn is highly compatible with the new CosmoPMS, it can also be integrated with other PMS as well.
  3. Manage Telecommunications Budget
    Since your PBX is involved with not only internal and incoming calls but also outgoing calls from the property, you will need to carefully monitor these to manage your telecommunication expenses. With the help of call accounting software like FCS Unicorn, you will be able to precisely monitor the expenses of all outgoing calls. This means you will be in a better position to align your hotel’s budget with your telecommunications expenditure.
  4. Increase Productivity within Departments
    The FCS Unicorn Call Accounting Software in Qatar helps you not only identify callers but also block repeated fraud calls. This means you can also use it to isolate sales calls to the property and block them if they disrupt work. Moreover, with the ability to distinguish between private and business calls made on the PBX system, you will be able to curb excessive private calls made by employees, thereby increasing their productivity.
  5. Develop Extensive Reports
    Most luxury and upscale hotel properties in Qatar need to produce monthly reports of call logs for security reasons. A call accounting software like the FCS Unicorn can help you accurately track all calls in and out of your property. This will enable you to produce detailed reports of monthly call logs. This task is much easier with the FCS Unicorn Call Accounting software integrated into your PBX because you will be able to fetch call data from all the different telecom switches on your property.

Final Thoughts
Renowned Hospitality solutions companies in Qatar like TechnoQ can help your hotel property integrate the FCS Unicorn Call Accounting Software with your PBX system. In this way, you will be able to leverage the FCS Gateway and Voice processes such that it is also compatible with your hotel’s PMS. However, with the expertise of TechnoQ, you will also be able to track guest preferences using the FCS Unicorn Call Accounting Software to ultimately provide better services to your guests.

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