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Managing a hotel and its several operational departments is a cumbersome activity. But with recent innovations in digital technology, this process has become streamlined. Most hotels in Qatar nowadays use operations management software to monitor and control the activities of their numerous departments. RateTiger’s Hotel Channel Manager Software is one such application. Reputable software service providers in Qatar, such as TechnoQ, can assist you in installing and integrating the RateTiger Channel Management Software if you want to streamline the operations of your hotel.

What is RateTiger Channel Manager Software?

The Channel Manager Software from RateTiger is a unique integrated platform that uses cloud-based data exchange. One of its defining features is uninterrupted XML connectivity across several suppliers for your hotel chain. Moreover, it serves as an overall Property Management Software (PMS) as well. This software is also extremely safe to use for your hotel operations because it is compliant with PCI, ISO, and GDPR data security regulations.

Benefits of RateTiger for Accommodations

While RateTiger relies on more than 450 distribution channels and 150 technology partners, it can also be used to boost your hotel bookings by 20%. Apart from that, there are several benefits of using RateTiger Channel Manager for your hotel in Qatar.

  • You can manage all your distribution channels through one cloud-based platform.
  • You will be able to experience online distribution that is safe, secure, and provides you with real-time data.
  • It can also help you to attract a larger portion of your target market and increase your hotel accommodation bookings.
  • This software is smart and user-friendly with the additional benefit of having a professional dashboard.
  • Moreover, it can be scaled up or down depending on the size of your hotel establishment.
  • Finally, using RateTiger, you will be able to grow your hotel revenue exponentially.

Features of RateTiger Channel Manager

If you plan to use this software, you should also know about the unique features it offers for hotel properties in Qatar.

  • XML Connectivity – This software has dual-channel XML connectivity so that you can easily update information across several distributors and system providers.
  • Quick Automatic Updates – You can pre-set a configuration using which the change rates and room availability will be updated automatically across your systems.
  • Real-time Data Updates – You will also get real-time availability, rate & inventory (ARI) updated from your various channels onto a single interface.
  • Accommodation Yield Management – When your rooms are full, you can easily close bookings and vice-versa across your several properties with a single click.
  • Error-free Automated Processes – Without the need for manual interference, all your rates and room types will be updated across the system, leading to fewer errors.
  • Automatic Room Mapping – The software also has built-in rules for different types of extranet systems which allow it to follow the site capability restrictions.

Add-Ons You Can Use with RateTiger Channel Manager

This software offers a variety of cutting-edge capabilities in addition to the availability of several add-ons. Depending on the nature of your company and the business model of your hotel, you may select from more than 8 different types of add-ons.

  • Allocation Management
  • Allocation Alerts
  • Reservation Delivery
  • Reservation Report
  • GDS Distribution
  • Metasearch Distribution
  • Social Media Distribution
  • Booking Engine Integration

Choose TechnoQ for Integrating RateTiger Channel Manager

TechnoQ is one of the leading software service providers in Qatar. With several years of expertise in installing, integrating, troubleshooting, and maintaining hospitality management software, TechnoQ is well-equipped to handle your technological problems. If it is an issue with accommodation booking that you face, RateTiger Channel Manager can help you resolve it.

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