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The hospitality industry of Qatar has been growing at a rate of 4.5% year-on-year. Especially with the hosting of the FIFA World Cup 2022, hotel bookings and restaurant reservations are set to shoot off the charts in Qatar. As a result, most renowned hospitality brands in Qatar use some of the best software integrations in the industry. One such software is the Oracle MICROS Inventory Management Cloud Service in Qatar.

Despite this, it is important to understand how to optimise the usage of the Oracle MICROS Inventory Management Cloud Service. Here are some tips so that you can make the most out of your Oracle software in Qatar.

Simplify the Processes at Store-level
Store-level processes using the Oracle MICROS inventory management cloud service can get complicated if not handled with care. Instead of using a single-user process in your inventory server process, you can create multiple-user processes. This simplifies the management of data at the store level. Then, it will be simple for you to keep track of stock replenishments and spot products that have run out of stock. If store-level operations are streamlined, the safety stock may also be seamlessly monitored.

Use Single or Multiple Locations
The Oracle MICROS inventory management cloud service in Qatar has one unique feature that most organisations overlook. When it comes to managing inventory, this software can gather data from a single cost centre as well as from multiple cost centres. These cost centres are nothing but multiple inventory units in your restaurant or hotel establishment. You can generate inventory control reports separately for each location when employing several locations in this way. Your inventory control process is further optimized as a result.

Leverage Daily Totals Data
The daily total sales data includes aspects like daily purchase order summary, daily receipts summary, current inventory status, as well as reports by store, enterprise, vendor, or even item. By accessing this daily totals data, you will also be able to calculate subtotals of different items, vendors, and stores for your hospitality establishment. Moreover, with this data, you will also be able to take strategic decisions regarding your inventory.

Avail Compatibility with Other Software
Another way you could optimise the usage of the Oracle MICROS inventory management cloud service is by integrating allied software into it. The Oracle inventory management software is compatible with several third-party software interfaces. For example, Oracle works best with Sysco and other broad-line food service distributors. Moreover, the Oracle MICROS inventory management cloud service in Qatar is compatible with certain types of hardware like the Electronic Data Interchange (EDI).

Use a Fast Web Browser
Finally, one of the most underrated ways to make the most out of your Oracle MICROS inventory management cloud service in Qatar is to have a fast web browser. This is because you will need no installation of hardware or software at the store level when using this cloud service. Whereas, you will need a web browser that has third-party cookies enabled. Since third-party cookies enablement sometimes slows down the browser, the Oracle software may lag. Hence, you will need a fast web browser to smoothen your inventory operations when using this cloud-based software.

Benefits of Oracle MICROS by TechnoQ

TechnoQ is renowned in Qatar for inventory management, enterprise management, and POS software. With decades of experience serving the hospitality industry, TechnoQ has developed expertise in software curated for this sector. With the help of Oracle MICROS provided by TechnoQ, you will now have better in-store product control and commissary distribution for your hospitality brand.

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