• Project – Carrefour
  • Industry – Retail
  • Award Date – August 2007
  • Completion Date – August 2008
  • Role in Contract – Contractor
  • Location – Landmark outlet,Doha
  • Techno Q Project Manager – Dory El Kozah
  • Client – Carrefour
  • Equipment – Sensoramatic, Cardax, American Dynamics

Description of the Project


Carrefour is the world’s second-largest retailer in the world with over 15,000 stores. It has recently opened its third outlet in town in the new wing of the Landmark mall. It covers 17,000 square meters with an average of 10,000 thousand shoppers per week.

In brief; a wide shopping area, with a high volume of traffic and thousands of items to be protected. Guaranteeing at the same time the security of the staff and the shoppers.

Techno Q has designed and installed a complete security system made of Sensormatic Anti-shop lifting, CCTV, access control, and intrusion alarm. All the systems are completely integrated to ensure that any alarm is directly reported to the security control room, where it can be identified via CCTV spot monitors and pop-up screens.

All fixed and PTZ camera (96) provide digital recorded images so that all the events are stored in a SOL database server, to keep track and evidence of any incident which might occur.

The outlet control room is connected to the regional Carrefour hub through a GSM communicator system.

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