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Established in 1995 by Zeyad Jaidah (Managing Director) and Abdulla Alansari (Executive Director), Techno Q is a pioneering company with a rich history rooted in the vision of two mechanical engineering graduates. Having crossed paths while studying at Lamar University in Texas, USA, Jaidah and Alansari returned to Qatar with a shared passion for audio-visual effects and applications, inspired by the growing popularity of home theatre systems in the United States.

Fueled by their enthusiasm, Techno Q was born as a small team of like-minded individuals dedicated to the engineering profession and driven by a business idea to install home theatres in residential environments in Qatar. The company faced considerable challenges as they ventured into an untapped market where home theatre technology was virtually non-existent. However, their ability to anticipate market needs and adapt swiftly has enabled Techno Q to thrive and evolve over the years.

In 1996, Techno Q secured its first major project for the prestigious Alfardan BMW Showroom in Doha, which served as a pivotal moment to showcase their expertise and knowledge. With this success, the company swiftly transitioned from handling small residential projects to winning commercial contracts and participating in international tenders issued by renowned designers, consultants, and developers.

Expanding their service offerings beyond audiovisual solutions, Techno Q ventured into security systems in 1997, followed by the introduction of lighting and hospitality management systems in 1998. This diversification allowed Techno Q to broaden its business portfolio, incorporating multiple system solutions and establishing various business units.

The company’s commitment to embracing new challenges and undertaking demanding projects, which tested team capabilities and advanced management skills, propelled Techno Q to expand both in size and expertise. This growth was achieved through strategic partnerships with top-notch technology and equipment providers, continuous staff training, and resolute investments.

In 2001, Techno Q was entrusted by Weill Cornell Medical College to develop the audiovisual system for their Qatar campus—an extensive undertaking encompassing 33 rooms and 4 auditoriums. Subsequently, Techno Q received requests from other esteemed clients, such as the Texas A&M University, to provide complete AV systems for 55 rooms and 3 auditoriums.

Today, Techno Q stands as a market leader, supported by an exceptional track record. With a team of over 260 professionals, operational facilities spanning 2600 m², and an impressive portfolio of 150 projects delivered annually, the company maintains a sustained annual growth rate of 20%.

Techno Q’s reputation is underscored by its involvement in renowned projects such as the Pearl Qatar, the Al Shaqab Academy, the Museum of Islamic Art, Khalifa Stadium, and the Qatar National Convention Center (QNCC), to name just a few. These landmarks exemplify the company’s commitment to excellence and its ability to deliver exceptional solutions in the field of audiovisual and integrated systems.